The Story of Us

Located in Akron, Ohio we started this business as a hobby. It all started with a home economics class that my mother took in high school. She fell in love with sewing and continued to sew after graduating. She started teaching me to sew when I was around 7 years old and by the time I was in 6th grade I was helping make some of my own school clothes.

In 2002 I rediscovered my passion for sewing and decided to make medieval costumes for sale on eBay. From then to now I've become friends with many other artisans and we come together to fulfill our customers needs.  We offer a team of skilled seamstresses and designers for your clothing needs! Custom made uniforms, costumes, robes, & home decor.We also offer a team of skilled artisans who work with us to help you create and fulfill your dream garb needs; from garb you wear on the battlefield to the finest feast wear, leather and chain-mail armor, accessories, and much more.

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